More mash ups for that ass. “Sexual Healing” has to be one of the most mash-upable, remixable, tweakable, coverable and generally fuxable songs of all time. Saw these over at The Animal Show, who is running shit on Hype M right now. The first is on some Mick Boogie presented project and the second is B.Cause production. Light some candles and check the bonus for a nice acoustic Ben Harper cover.

Marvin Gaye vs. Jay-Z & Lil Wayne – Hello Brooklyn | ZShare

Marvin Gaye vs. Outkast – So Fresh So Clean (Let’s Get It On Reprise) | ZShare

Bonus: Here’s Ben Harper’s cover of the classic baby-making tune.

Ben Harper – Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye Cover) | ZShare

Sidenote: I don’t care who you are, dogs mating/pooping is funny. Forever.