Remember Kings of Convenience, the soft spoken Norwegian duo that makes you feel sensitive? I forgive you if you don’t; they haven’t made any moves in 5 years. Hope you didn’t get too hard over the past 5 years to still enjoy their unique brand of light, acoustic pop folk, ’cause the motherfuckers are coming back this fall with Declaration of Dependence. This is their first single, complete with a video that involves everyone’s favorite mode of transportion: summertime hitchhiking.

I heard this weeks ago when I got to preview the album. Honestly, I didn’t think much of it at first, but something about these unique melodies linger in your head. Now I love the song.

Oh, and here; If you like the KOC style, check out “Mrs. Cold”, from the same album.

Kings Of Convenience – Mrs. Cold | YouSendIt