Pigeons and Planes
has been doing awesome lately. Thank you to everyone who has been spreading the word, linking me up, etc. I really appreciate it, and if anyone ever needs anything from me, email me, twitter me, whatever. I’m always down to help people out. But it all had me thinking. What could I do to get the word out about Pigeons and Planes? I thought of some really good, effective, conventional methods. Then I thought of one very ineffective and possibly illegal one. Let’s go with that. I love guerrilla marketing.

So here’s my proposition: You go out and write www.PigeonsAndPlanes.com in a publicly visible place. I would never tell you to do something illegal. Be creative. Hang up a poster if that’s your thing, write it on a dirty car window… If nothing else, whoever cleans that window will think, “What the fuck is this?” Just do it in a place where people will see it. Send me a picture. In return, I will send you a hand written, personal thank you letter, and a Mix CD. Let me know what kind of music you like if you want it to be personalized. I know, it’s not much, but it’s fun, and it will be cool.