Ok, here is another joint off of my upcoming project, *Prestige & Promise*, called “It’s On!” featuring my fellow Bronx homie ThreatZ & produced by another Bronx homie of mines Flair! I’ve seen a few of you asking about a release date, well I don’t have one as of yet. There’s a few more tracks that need to be recorded and what not. But it’s def coming soon!!

Frank Ramz Ft. ThreatZ – “It’s On!” | Zshare

Bonus: Let’s keep it in the Bronx for a little while just to show you guys that there is still some dope sh*t in my borough!! My bro Elus will be dropping an album on Oct 20th called *The Process*. And to help build up anticipation for the LP he will be releasing a mixtape in about 2 weeks titled *The Process: Prerelease Mixtape*. One joint that will be on this mixtape is a cut we made earlier this year called “Cryptachronacuddalite”. The tracks features myself and my partner in crime G.P. This cut was also featured on ALLHIPHOP.COM as Heater of the Day! Check it out!

Elus Ft. G.P. & Frank Ramz – “Cryptachronacuddalite” | Zshare