Here’s Chiddy Bang’s latest mixtape called The Swelly Express (not to be confused with the chiddy bang mixtape called Air Swell). Straight hip-hop, but they go in over shit like Passion Pit and MGMT (not Jim Jones style), and sound good doing it. If you aren’t into Chiddy Bang yet, don’t sleep. Thanks to Pretty Much Amazing.

“The Swelly Express” is the true story of two college kids (Chidera Anamege and Xaphoon Jones) from Philly who rocked some parties at Drexel and quickly gained the attention of “the industry”. The music and lyrics were inspired by many boring trips on the Chinatown bus (they have wifi now!) on the way to meet “big wigs” in NYC. After a bunch of nice dinners and some free drinks for these 2 underage kids, Chiddy Bang decided to make a mixtape.

Chiddy Bang – The Swelly Express (FULL)

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1. Get Up In The Morning
2. Never
3. Danger Zone
4. Fresh Like Us
5. Now U Know (feat. Jordan Brown)
6. Welcome To Major Label Inc skit
7. Truth (feat. Passion Pit)
8. Meet Mike Hoffman skit
9. Pro’s Freestyle 1.0
10. Awesome skit
11. Dream Chasin’
12. Silver Screen
13. Slow Down (feat. The Root’s Black Thought & elDee The Don)
14. Decline
15. Call Skit
16. The Opposite of Adults (KIDS)
17. Voicemail skit
18. All Things Go