I’m rushing to post this cause I got to boogie. Won’t be in the house all day! But as I was just about to log off I see 3 new Drake tracks on YHTN! idk the story behind these cuts nor have I heard them yet. Hopefully when Confusion gets on he’ll fix this post up.

“Say Something” is from Timbaland’s upcoming Shock Value 2 album. It’s most likely unfinished. Someone leaked the other two claiming they were Thank Me Later tracks, but I think this has already been discredited. “Say Something” sounds like it has a lot of potential. Drake also kills it on “Believe It Or Not”, but Gucci drops some really weak lines.

Timbaland Ft. Drake – “Say Something” | YouSendIt

Drake Ft. Gucci Mane – “Believe It Or Not”

Drake – “King Leon” (Winston Ref)

Sidenote: Why does Gucci Mane have diamonds on his dick?