Here’s a new one from the solo Strokes frontman. This is a new one that Julian let go of from his upcoming debut Phrazes For The Young. I don’t know how The Strokes fans will feel about this one. Depends what kind of Strokes fan you are, I guess. Are you the kind who hopes Julian can recapture the magic and recreate that sound that you loved? If you’re that kind, you might be disappointed. It sounds like Phrazes For The Young is going to be a heavily electronic album (what isn’t these days?) with a much more urgent, much less laid back slacker rock feel.

This song has a big, slightly panicky, Muse type of sound to it. It would fit perfectly in an action movie towards the end, when the guy is rushing through traffic with a wounded arm to save some girl. Don’t worry, he’ll get her.

Julian Casablancas – Rive Of Brakelights | YouSendIt