Via AllThingsFresh:

Ah, the infamous autographed Room For Improvement copy. If you own one of these, then you’ve been supporting Drake since day 1. No need to explain this late release but it’s simply 12 untagged (no DJ) Room For Improvement songs that you can all enjoy. A couple of these songs have some old Drake verses that have never been heard before so let’s see if you guy can tell the difference. Check out the track listing below.. it’s just a few songs missing. Maybe they’ll show up on one of Drake’s Lost Tapes

01. Special ft. Voyce
02. Do What You Do
03. Money (Remix) ft. Nickelus F
04. AMPM ft. Nickelus F
05. City Is Mine (Long Version)
06. Thrill Is Gone ft. Voyce
07. Video Girl ft. Voyce
08. Come Winter
09. A Scorpio’s Mind ft. Nickelus F
10. S.T.R.E.S.S. ft. Nickelus F
11. Try Harder
12. Do What You Do (Remix) ft. Malice of The Clipse & Nickelus F (BONUS TRACK)

Drake – Room For Improvement (Mixtape)

Here’s the other 2 mixtapes.

Drake – So Far Gone (2009)

Drake – Comeback Season (2007)