Now don’t take this the wrong way, but The Chairs have all the elements of your typical “indie rock” band before all these motherfuckers started getting “psychedelic” “electro” or “unclassifiable”. Before you felt awkward about labeling certain music indie rock because it has too many synths or because you have to ask yourself “Can it really be indie if it was featured on Gossip Girl, the OC, Grey’s Anatomy, and the New Moon Soundtrack?” or “Is indie rock a genre, or an abbreviation for independent?” We may never be able to answer these questions, but I can tell you I feel comfortable labeling this album as indie rock for the following reasons:

1) Singer that sounds a little nerdy, a little nasal at times, in a charming way.
2) Slightly experimental, but nothing that you can’t comprehend by the end of the song.
3) Very little testerone. (This overlaps with #1 at times.)
4) A drum. A guitar. A bass. Keys. All identifiable in each song.
5) Quirky lyrics that you may not relate to, but pretend to because you like the melody.
6) Makes you want to put on a flannel shirt that’s a little too small and a pair of shoes that doesn’t look brand new.

Am I missing any indie rock elements? Again, don’t take it wrong, indie rock. I love you, and I am feeling this new album by The Chairs. Check out “David” below. Stream the entire album here.

The Chairs – David | YouSendIt