I have no idea what is going on here, but here’s what I know. I’ve been getting emails from some dude claiming that he took the New Year’s Ball from Times Square. The above video was the first one he sent. Message attached:

WE GOT YOU BY THE BALL. This is us….LMFAO…STAY TUNED -anarchymonkey

Next up was this video of the ball at a Steve Aoki party. Message:

It’s funny what shows up at parties. It’s still us!! – anarchy monkey

And finally I get this today. I still don’t get it. The whole thing has hoax written all over it, but who knows? I’ve been sending emails back to this guy like “What the fuck are you talking about?” But he seems pretty happy to indirectly claim to steal this ball and put it in a Steve Aoki party. Whatever, I guess that would be cool if he actually did it. Here’s one more video of the ball being taken down. What do you think? Message:

NYC got punk’d. It was us….anarchymonkey