Shouts to Hilton for putting me on to John Mayer. I’m kind of digging what I’ve heard..still need to hear more tho!

Anyhoot, John decided to do a little something for the fans who’ve supported his album, *Battle Studies*. Here’s what he had to say about this particular cut…

“I’ve been thinking of a way to say thank you for making Battle Studies such a huge success out of the gate… I’ve also been thinking of a way to use tumblr as a means of posting some more substantial stuff… So here’s a very raw, live solo version of “Edge of Desire” I just recorded in my apartment as a way to show my gratitude to you all for extending my time in this amazing career you’ve helped me build.

I think if you were kind enough to spent the 13 bucks, you should get some free music for the next good while.

So here it is. A song about late night longing recorded at 3am. iPhone dinging in the background and all…(that’s how I knew the take was going to be worth sticking with, as the best takes always get interrupted.) Thank you. More to come. John.”

John Mayer – “Edge Of Desire” (Apartment Session) | YouSendIt