Screw however you feel about Marshall, he’s nice! Even I hate when he uses those funny voices & (as Confusion noticed in “Taking My Ball“) when he mentions assholes one too many f*cking times! But even on those tracks, he lyrical kills it w/ his wordplay & flow!! Well, he stays away from the funny voices & crazy asshole references in this one, & kills….again!

Anyhoot, just peeped this at 2dbz! New joint from Em called “Elevator” off *Relapse: Refill*. “Taking My Ball” & “Forever” will also be on this LP.

WAIT..1 more cut off of this LP has surfaced! Titled “Buffalo Bill”. This one reminds me of “3AM” for the simple fact that he’s murdering mofo’s again!! Is that movie sample @ the beginning of this one from Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Eminem – “Elevator” | YouSendIt

Eminem – “Buffalo Bill” | YouSendIt