As you know Rebirth is out there, and it will be in stores in February. I have heard the album in full but I don’t want to jump the gun and try to judge the whole thing yet. I will say that there are songs that stand out as immediate gems (like “Drop The World”) and other songs (like “Get A Life”) that I can’t picture getting any better with more listens.

I think the songs that will be most popular are the ones that work in a clear hip-hop angle with a rock backing. Surprisingly, I actually think Wayne pulls off the punk songs well. I never imagined I’d like hearing his voice on a song like “The Price Is Right”, but I do. He’s got that “fuck you” attitude and isn’t afraid to get sloppy. It’s the clean cut alt-rock songs that get a little awkward. Hip-hop purists might get confused, but you gotta give Wayne some credit for creating something he likes at the risk of alienating some fans.

Lil Wayne – Knockout ft. Nicki Minaj | YouSendIt