We’ve heard a couple of jams from Spoon’s upcoming Transference album (out in January) – now we have the first official single. It’s called “Written In Reverse”, and it’s your typical Spoon. I’m a big fan of Spoon’s sound, so take that as a compliment. I also don’t like things that are “typical”, so also take it as a criticism. Spoon songs always have great backing, and I love Britt Daniel’s voice and delivery, but the vocals fall flat at times, sounding more like a talking to and less like a sing along. I need a lot of melody to stay entertained, so that kind of stuff gives me the itches, but it won’t stop me from enjoying this song. Definitely still iPod-worthy. Come on, it’s fuckin Spoon! Thanks to Will for the heads up.

Spoon – Written In Reverse | YouSendIt