From Confusion:

“Are you ready for this?

The White Panda has been steadily pumping out incredible mash-ups over the past couple months. Talk of a mixtape have been in the air, but I thought this might mean just rounding up their latest tracks & giving it a title. Once again, The White Panda has exceeded expectations. At 33 tracks, Versus flaunts an hour of action-packed, flawlessly executed music for a generation of manic ADD inflicted listeners with an insatiable demand for instant gratification. By mixing mindless mainstream hits with sometimes obscure electro and indie works, The White Panda allows you to enjoy, sometimes ironically, some sounds that you would have never imagined. Check out the website for tracklisting, multiple download links (both continuous and broken up into individual tracks) and for links to the full songs.


Spotted @ TWP.

The White Panda – *Versus* (Mixtape) | Soundcloud (Stream, D/L & Track Listing)