If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been without internet for the past couple or few days (I don’t even know, because without it I feel like I’m just frozen in a timeless black hole. Just kidding, kind of.) Anyway, I learned that I could tether my Droid to my computer and get internet (whoa), so that’s how I’m doing this post. It’s pretty slow since my reception has always been shitty in my room, but I’m pretty tech-retarded (meaning slow – no offense) so this makes me feel really 2010.

I hate to think that I’m dependent on the internet, but I have become obsessed with keeping up with new music and without the internet, it’s really difficult to do that. I’m visiting my parents in FL so I keep hearing the same Plies song on Florida radio stations and I don’t even know what channel MTV is here. Oh well, it’s probably healthy to have a little break every now and then. When I finally do get internet back I can promise you that I will be back with an enraged, rabid compulsion to blog.

To test out this Droid-enabled blogging, I’m giving you this great acoustic version of Sufjan Stevens’ “Chicago”. When Come On, Feel The Illinoise! came out, it was instantly one of my favorite albums. It still sits high on my list of top albums of the decade. Somehow I missed this acoustic version of “Chicago” until recently. Check it out.

Sufjan Stevens – Chicago (Acoustic) | YouSendIt