I went back and forth all day about whether or not to post this. Honestly, most Christmas-themed music doesn’t appeal to me. I mostly stick to the classics for my one-day-a-year fix. I feel like if The Cool Kids dropped this tomorrow afternoon I’d be all over it, but since they dropped it today, called it a Christmas EP, and covered it with Christmas art, I avoided it until now. The whole Xmas vibe makes me think that this is something I can only listen to for one day. Tomorrow isn’t Christmas, so what the fuck am I gonna do with a Christmas EP? Wait until next year?

…but I’m a fan of Cannon and the Cool Kids, so I listened. Luckily, this is more like a Christmas present of 4 new tracks and less like a Christmas album. The songs, although deceivingly packaged as holiday tunes, are actually listenable anytime. Maybe I was just being a scrooge. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Don Cannon & The Cool Kids – Merry Christmas (Full EP) | Alternative Link


01 BBQ Wings f. Boldy James (prod. Don Cannon)
02 Catch of the Day (prod. Chuck Inglish)
03 Free Throws (prod. First Team All State)
04 Tires f. Boldy James (prod. Chuck Inglish)