Today is December 1st, 2009, & it is also World AID’s Day! I gave my little story a little after midnight last night on twitter. But what I’m going to say here be sure to get yo’ ass tested & know your status cause that type of knowledge is POWER (it can save your life)!

Anyway, Travis (of Gym Class Heroes) released this video today via MTV for his song titled “One At A Time”. Spotted @ 2dbz!

“Travis McCoy has released a new single today on World Aids Day, with proceeds going to MTV’s Staying Alive campaign.

The track, “One At A Time,” was inspired by the Gym Class Heroes frontman’s trip around the world to visit our HIV/ Aids projects.

Earlier this year Travis and an MTV crew traveled to South Africa, India and The Philippines to find out about the work done around the world to prevent the spread of the disease.

The rapper told us: “This track comes straight from the heart. It encompasses everything that I saw and felt on the trip.

“I met some amazing and inspiring young people – and this track is dedicated to them and their tireless and selfless commitment to the fight against HIV and AIDS.”

McCoy’s travels are documented in The Unbeaten Track which you can watch at 9pm today on MTV.”