Our favorite psycho, drug riddled spitter turned damaged indie rapper Cage has stopped by Daytrotter to do a couple original renditions of a few tracks from his latest release Depart From Me. Cage has changed a lot over the years, but his music remains dark, twisted, and completely original. Here are my two favorite tracks from his Daytrotter session. Get the whole thing here.

Cage – I Never Knew You (Daytrotter Version) | YouSendIt

Cage – Look At What You Did (Daytrotter Version) | YouSendIt

Also check the original “I Never Knew You” from Depart From Me. It’s creepy, stalker vibe is sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever loved something (someone) they couldn’t get. A must-have for any closet predator, fan of American Psycho, or those of you with a Natalie Portman shrine in your basement featuring pictures of her pasted into all your family portraits. Great song.

Cage – I Never Knew You | YouSendIt