This track is a glimpse into Justin Vernon’s raw musical talent before millions of ears got familiar with his sound through the beautiful Bon Iver release For Emma, Forever Ago. Technology is great, and for music it has led to bands who were once limited to used instruments, garages, and shoddy recording equipment being able to dabble with all kinds of sound effects, synths, and electricity. I love a lot of that music, but Bon Iver reminds us that great music can still be made by a man and an acoustic guitar.

It’s comforting to think that no matter what kind of stuff is possible, music is not the same without the human element. I’m sure one day, labels will create hit-making robots, rendering some programmable pop stars and their puppeteers obsolete. But a robot could never replace Bon Iver. This track was recorded in Wisconsin and 100 copies were released in Raleigh. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard it. Thanks to PMA.

Justin Vernon – Hazleton | YouSendIt