OK, I’ve noticed that alot of you either haven’t heard much of my music or none at all. Cool. Thanks to the Guest over in the shoutbox who said I should post some of my own sh*t & my brother WingSpan, I decided to put together a nice *The Best of Frank Ramz* (so far) mixtape. Took about an hour to get all the tracks together & artwork (Shouts to my lady Nas Ramz on the artwork).

This is a compilation of 23 of some of my favorite joints and cuts that alot of ppl like/love. All taken from 1 of the 5 projects that I’ve put out in the past 1 & a half years plus some joints that didn’t make any project cut. I hope this gives you all a nice idea of me & the music I make. Track listing & download below. If you’d like to you can download all 4 of my last projects over @ Medusaville.

You may also check out *The Best of Frank Ramz* @ 2dopeboyz. Props to Shake on the post.

Frank Ramz – *The Best of Frank Ramz* | Mediafire