New music from PMS! Purple Monkey Sircus is a young up and coming trio that (despite the name) can’t fail in my mind. These guys just have a style that I agree with. Ever since I heard the Passion Pit sampled “Fuck My Life” it clicked with me.

When I’ve posted them in the past, I heard a lot of Chiddy Bang Air Swell Mixtape comparisons, and it makes sense. They both come with that brightly colored glow in the dark hip-hop that isn’t afraid to do things differently and they’re both up on their indie rock. Chiddy Bang’s production is a little more beefed up and polished, but I think what PMS lacks in production and mastering they make up for with character and a subtle charisma that comes across in every word. I hope they prove me right, because I’m expecting great things from Purple Monkey Sircus in the future.

Be sure to check out Purple Monkey Sircus Mixtape!

Purple Monkey Sircus – Blue Moo Cookie Dough | YouSendIt