I know I’ve been posting a lot of mash-ups, but this is a little different. 28 year old music teacher Tom Caruana spent 2 months cutting and pasting to form what is starting to look like round 2 of The Grey Album. (My music teachers never did cool shit like that. They just made me learn “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on the recorder every year.) The album is quickly gaining in both downloads and attention, so if you want to check it out, do so now before labels get involved and links start disappearing. It even got the thumbs up from Raekwon.

This time, Caruana subtracts the Jay-Z element and instead throws in sounds of Wu-Tang up against the sounds of The Beatles for Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers. His sampling is also a lot less straightforward. On some songs he uses multiple Beatles samples and obscure cover versions of songs, making it difficult to even recognize that you’re even hearing The Beatles. It’s much different than the 2 song, peanut butter and jelly mash-ups that you may be accustomed to. Very well done, and the results speak for themselves. Here are a couple of my favorites, plus the whole thing below.

Wu-Tang vs The Beatles – Mighty Healthy | YouSendIt

Wu-Tang vs The Beatles – R.E.C. Room | YouSendIt

Wu-Tang vs The Beatles – Uh Huh | YouSendIt

Wu-Tang vs The Beatles – Got Your Money | YouSendIt

Wu-Tang vs The Beatles – Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers (Whole Album)

Thanks to NYTimes for the info.