Have you guys heard of Carlos St. John? I haven’t until today, but it’s an introduction that makes me feel like I should already know him. A large part of that is probably due to the promo video. True, it is a little dramatic and over the top. With that narration, it has me confused as to whether I’m watching a promo video for a new artist or a trailer for a Denzel Washington movie about the end of the world. But here we are, so it looks like it worked for me.

The bottom line is that Carlos St. John has the music to back it up. “Breathe Again” is, simply put, good music with hit potential. Carlos is a Brooklyn emcee raised in Guyana, and his sound is polished and radio ready. At times his flow reminds me of Wale. He’s got some lyrics and delivery, but mostly his appeal lies in his energy, style, and the passion that he exudes. Don’t sleep on this. Check out “Breathe Again” below, or watch the promo video and then try to pretend that you aren’t curious. Carlos has a mixtape out that you can download here. I’ve already got a copy on my desktop, and after a short listen I can tell you that it’s worth the download.

Carlos St. John – Breathe Again | YouSendIt