Weird Science is a six song mixtape from Dan Black. Uncommon for a pop artist to put out a mixtape, but Dan Black isn’t your typical pop artist. On this tape he borrows some sounds from popular hits that you’ve been hearing for years, but first he melts them down and reshapes their skeletons, transforming them into instant Dan Black songs. Dan’s sound is so unique – I’d love to dig through his record collection and see what he listens to. Check out the IFC premiere of his video with Kid Cudi here.

1. Pass That Head Noize
2. Slave to Paper
3. Spank the Cure Till Brooklyn
4. Gorecki, Fix Up My Girlfriend Some More | YouSendIt
5. Gimme Into the Cloudbusting
6. Drowning in the Dark Drake | YouSendIt

Dan Black – Weird Science (Mixtape)