Now normally I wouldn’t even post this…but this is some Grade Ay Bullsh*t..and I want to share this feeling I have deep in gut right now after watching this a few times back to back in lost & in disbelief. OK, I haven’t been posting all of the upcoming XXL 2010 freshmen freestyle videos here but I’m pretty sure you guys have either seen them else where or you have at least seen a copy of the list somehwere. Now with that being said, I don’t think anyone was expecting this mofo to make this list….OJ the Juiceman!? C’mon now XXL!! & wtf did he just spit in that video!? I’m highly upset!

Ace Hood isn’t as bad as this guy! & oh yea, below I actually took the time out to write down the lyrics of OJ’s above freestyle for you guys..just because I love ya’ll! :-/

“Rings on like a basketball player, freshmen of the year like a basketball player.
What it do guuuuulll man I’m here to stay, Aww man guuullll cause we in ya face. AY!”


Sorry if I might’ve just ruined your day.