Here is the second issue of Vinyl & Vodka’s online magazine. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a cool mix of music, fashion, and cool shit in an easy to read format. I wrote a piece for the magazine about Theophilus London, so check that out too.


We have finally finished the 2nd issue of Vinyl and Vodka Magazine. I’m so happy because the 2 months seemed like forever! I didn’t get much sleep at all and finishing the magazine in time was always on my mind. I intended to get the issue out by the beginning of February before Valentines day (if you click through the magazine you’ll see why) but that didn’t happen, so oh well.

This issue features an interview with HEALTH and articles like The Internet and its Effect on the Music Industry, along with reviews of Tim Burton’s art gallery at MOMA. We also featured 500 Days of Summer and A Single Man. 5 bloggers (We All Want Someone, The Culture Of Me, Pigeons and Planes, We Listen For You, Both Eyes Closed) also participated in creating a cool feature.

There are 2 editorials that are in this issue, and thank you SO SO SO SO much to Shaun Scade from Scade Photography for fighting the cold and dealing with us for two days straight, shooting our models.

Again, I hope you guys share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or re-post this and blog about it on your blog. Leave comments as well. This is also a free publication so if you would like to donate money or an article or idea for the next issue, we’d love your help. The Donate button is on the sidebar and my email is on the top of this page if you click “Contact”.

P.S. Be sure to download the Vodkast here and stream it while you’re reading the magazine because it will make the experience so much better!

Vinyl & Vodka Issue #2

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When I was asked to do this piece about Theophilus London, one of the first things I asked was “Can I swear?” You see, when I get really excited about something, especially music, the filter on my mouth snaps off and flies around the room like an untied balloon farting out air. Theophilus London makes the kind of music that has that effect on me – the kind of music that gets me really fucking excited.

Theophilus (Thee-off-ill-us) London. For a hip-hop artist, the name itself immediately signals that we’re dealing with something different – something different than, say, Algernod Washington (better known as Plies). Classifying his music simply as hip-hop is about as fair as calling Jimi Hendrix blues, but I’m not going to undertake the impossible task of trying to better label the Brooklyn artist’s sound in one word. On his latest project, This Charming Mixtape, Theo moves seamlessly through rock, soul, electro, post-punk, pop and new wave with an ease that leaves you a little confused and very enthralled after an hour of listening. It makes a little more sense once you find out that the man cites David Byrne, The Smiths, Brian Wilson, The Ramones, and Michael Jackson as some of his influences.

Theophilus’ timing couldn’t be any more perfect. If he had been peddling this kind of music in the 90’s he would have been seen as an outcast by both Timberland-wearing hip-hop heads and greasy-haired rock fans. But things are changing. Jay-Z is going to Grizzly Bear concerts, Kid Cudi is harmonizing with MGMT, and nobody is going to give you a stink eye if you put Kanye West and Animal Collective on the same playlist. 2010 has an open mind and refined palate just waiting for someone like Theophilus.

Theo’s latest single “Hum Drum Town”, a cleaned up and smoothed out track from his mixtape, is his most accessible song to date, proof that this wildly diverse artist can bring together his galaxy of influences to create a hit song that appeals to the masses. 2009 saw Theophilus building a beehive of buzz on the internet, touring with A-Trak, and capturing the attention of big name publications like Rolling Stone and The New York Times. What does 2010 have in store for him? There’s still no album release date announced (although he Tweeted me some inside information tonight: the album’s called I Want You), but there’s a good chance that you won’t still be mispronouncing his name in 2011.