There are a few things in the music industry that I still don’t understand. The DJ drops on mixtape songs is one of them. A mixtape comes out, full of a DJ screaming on it. Common battle cries include:

  1. “DJ ____ bitch!”
  2. “I told you we’d never quit!”
  3. “Oh, you thought it was over!? We back, motherfucker! DJ _____ in this motherfuckin’ bitch. Blaow! Blaow! *Fire Alarm, Siren, Air Horn, more Siren, Gunshots* Aaaha ha ha ha”.
  4. (Insert anything you’ve ever heard DJ Khaled say)

Everyone hates this. I actually start to like the DJ less for thinking this nonsensical yelling is somehow a good idea. Shortly after the mixtape drops, a tagless version comes out. Then everyone deletes the original version and replaces with the tagless. I understand using tags as a way to “mess up” tracks a little so people will want to buy the official versions, but why tag a free song that isn’t meant for an album?If anyone has any input, feel free to comment.

From now on, I’m going to tag everything I post with pigeon cooing (Irony – I went to go find an audio clip of pigeon cooing. I got one. It’s tagged. Life – 1. Me- 0.)

Anyway, here’s a tagless version of “Bet I Bust” from the May 25th mixtape.

B.o.B – Bet I Bust ft. Playboy Tre (No DJ)