Bocce is shamelessly electronic, and there’s no question that “Confident Confidant” is going to set up camp in your head if you listen to it more than once, but Bocce also has a dark side. They take that big chorus right to the point where things could start stretching too far (à la the uncomfortable whining of Ben Gibbard), but they pull everything back in at exactly the right moment, saving me from the feeling that I just watched Garden State and fought tears while that dude from Scrubs stood in the rain with his new bitch. Check out the whole album here.

Bocce is an electronic rock band from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Mike Bond and Ben Ong formed the band in 2005, and later added Tony Salomone and Nik Must to round out the foursome. Since the release of their debut EP, Hi Birdbear (2006), Bocce has toured throughout Canada and played several music festivals including Pop Montreal, Hillside Inside, LOLA and CMW. Bocce released a limited edition EP, …Should Be an Olympic Sport, in 2008 and remixed several Canadian artists including You Say Party! We Say Die!’s “Poison” and Slow Hand Motem’s “Mathemagical” in the year following. In Spring 2010, Bocce released their first full length album, Disambiguation, both as a physical disc and as a “pay what you can” digital download.

Bocce – Confident Confidant | YouSendIt