Other than a few of my favorites, I know that most EPs are going to have a couple standout tracks that stay with me and the rest will end up in the recycling bin or lost in my wasteland of mislabeled iTunes songs. It’s rare that I get excited about an EP. It’s even more rare that I get excited about an EP from an artist that I didn’t know of a month ago. Carlos St. John’s new EP has me excited.

The St. John Portfolio snuck up quietly from behind and tapped me on the shoulder. My first listen was “Breathe Again“, and from then on Carlos has been the giant silverback in the room that demands attention. For an up and comer, Carlos’ final product is polished and clean, from the production to the lyrics to the image. This guy has major potential, and I can’t wait to watch his career unfold. This mixtape is very impressive. Don’t sleep. Check out the EP below and let me know what you think.

Carlos is a Brooklyn emcee raised in Guyana, and his sound is polished and radio ready. At times his flow reminds me of Wale. He’s got some lyrics and delivery, but mostly his appeal lies in his energy, style, and the passion that he exudes.

Carlos St. John – The St. John Portfolio (Whole EP)