Here is the long awaited Loso mixtape. A lot of people seem to think Fab has a lot riding on this mixtape. My expectations aren’t too high, but I’m excited to hear how this turned out. But first, I will complain. This cover would be cool for a book of scary children’s stories, or maybe a cheaply made comedy/horror movie, but who is behind this mixtape cover art fuckery? Artists need to get over this horrible trend.

Update: Damn, Fab lost. First of all, the site he was hosting on crashed (as you may have noticed). Many people still can’t download the mixtape, and others had to wait. Secondly, Drake dropped his first single at the same exact time (7PM ET tonight). I don’t know if this was planned, but it definitely eclipsed any shine that the Loso mixtape might have had. Someone should’ve told Fab to host at P&P.

Fabolous – There Is No Competition 2 (Mixtape)