Today I got a lesson in judging a book by its cover. The moral? Don’t do it. See that girl in the picture above? That’s Kellee Maize, a female rapper. Whatever your first impression was, disregard it.¬†Kellee’s album Aligned Archetype is, at its heart, a hip-hop album. Built into it are Baltimore club, pop, and spiritual influences that make for a unique sound that has been getting a positive reception among fans and other artists. If you check out her MySpace, you’ll see she’s already made some good connections like ?uestlove and Cappadonna.

Frostclick says:

If you’re wondering what to expect from Aligned Archetype… imagine all the best aspects of Lady Gaga, layered on top of all the best aspects of Missy Elliot in her prime, and you’ll be roughly in the right ballpark. There’s no denial of a distinct East Coast sound here; Kellee is a Pittsburgh Rapper and is very obviously proud of her Pittsburgh roots, and her beats have a heavy Baltimore flavor.

Kellee Maize – Mothership

Kellee Maize – Third Eye

Kellee Maize – Pulse