Here’s a motley crew of songs that have been sitting in the center of my desktop, marked in my head as “things to post later”. As with all “laters” in life, I’m still learning that later never comes. So I decided to post them all now.

Indicated by its top spot on the list, this one is my favorite of the bunch. Even as I sit here uploading this song, I question whether or not I should give this its own post. Maybe later. This California couple has come on the scene with some serious quickness, and rightfully so. Great music. You can download some for free at their bandcamp.

Cults – Go Outside | YouSendIt

Newest mash-up from the motherfuckin White Panda. Hot Chip vs. Look at the title and take a guess.

The White Panda – Ready For My Neck, My Back | YouSendIt

Another mash-up courtesy of Digital Dave. This song is a lot of fun.

Digital Dave – Jumpin Out the 80s

For some reason, producers are all jumping on this song for a remix. I saw this one over at Live For the Funk, and it’s one of the best I’ve heard so far. Turns it into an electronic rager.

Ludacris – How Low (Bird Peterson Remix)

Along the same lines, DVW takes Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”, strips it of it’s American radio friendliness, rips it up into pieces, and glues it back together in a new shape. Besides a few words repeated, this doesn’t have any real vocals. It’s not my usual style, but for some reason I’ve been enjoying it.

Rihanna – Rude Boy (DVW Remix)

The fact that I took the time to listen to this, download it, and post it despite the awful name says a lot.

Jamaica – I Think I Like U2

PS – Thanks to Haziel from Santa Barbara for taking this picture and sending it to me. I’m always looking for pictures of Pigeons, so if anyone ever has a camera and sees a pigeon, you should use your camera to take a picture of the pigeon(s). Then you should email it to me. Then I will use your picture and shout you out on my blog. Thanks guys.