I hate when I sleep on good music, but it happens. It’s impossible to keep up everything, but I’ve had an M1 Platoon in my iTunes for a long time now and I’ve never listened for more than 2 minutes. I got an email about their new track, and it sparked some new-music-listening-motivation in me so I’m going back and listening to the whole mixtape, We Not Them Pt. 1. These guys are good. Time for me to play catch up. I’ll start things off with their latest track “DMV Rock” produced by 9th Wonder, and also throw up my pick for best track on the mixtape that I have.

Update: About halfway through the mixtape. M1 Platoon is killing it. As individuals they’re all good, but they come together as a powerful force that reminds me of the days of Hieroglyphics, Souls of Mischief, Lootpack (anyone?), or Living Legends. This is that bass heavy, raw shit that will blow out your speakers.

They’re working on a mixtape full of originals and one full of industry instrumental takeovers. I’ll keep my eye out for them this time.

M1 Platoon – DMV Rock | YouSendIt

M1 Platoon – Suicide Doors | YouSendIt