Here’s a new song from Marky inspired by How To Make It In America. A lot of times, this type of TV-inspired song seems forced and awkward, but Marky nailed this one.

Ok so.. I’m a huge fan of the “Entourage” Series Show on HBO just like
the rest of the world lol. I caught on to the show around the 3rd
Season and then went back and started at Season 1 to catch myself up.
Now comes this new show “How To Make It In America” that I think has
the same feel but it’s a little, or MUCH rather, more gritty and
“about the grind-ish”. It’s already 6 Episodes in and for some reason
I can’t stop singing the got damn theme song by Aloe Blacc titled “I
Need A Dollar”. I figured, “hey, why not throw my 1, 2 on it!” lol

Marky – Rasta Monsta | Mediafire