Sorry for so few posts today. For one, I put in a lot of time into that Crumbs mix and it made me want to take a little break. For two, I thought between my mix and Ramz’ R&B Session of 65 songs, you had enough to digest. But mostly, the reason is that my computer has been annoying me a lot lately. It’s new thing is to ask me questions non stop:

“Are you sure you want to download from this site? You could get a virus or they could hit you with some malware -very harmful. Still want to do it?”

“Should I do a random update for you right now? Or should I wait? Do you want me to do it in 5 days? Just tell me, whenever you’re ready, we can make this update happen. Cool?”

“Thanks for entering a password! I love these things. Should I remember it? I could remember it forever if you want. Should I do that? Or no? Or should I never do it for this site? Do you want me to just remember the username? That’s probably safer. Right?”

As I read these questions, that pop up in boxes just as I’m about to make a really important click, I imagine my computer having the voice of Gilbert Gottfried. God damn, computer. Just do you, man. Step up and make some calls for me, or just guess what I want. You know me pretty well by now. Of course I don’t want you to start doing a random fucking update right now. Wait until I’m not around, then get that shit handled.

Sorry, I got carried away with that computer complaint, but it feels good just to vent about it. Here are a few random new songs worth checking out. The first one is Trey Songz’ take on Drake’s “Over”. I’m still enjoying the original, and the number of Drake remixes is getting ridiculous, but Trey’z version stands out. He showcases his usual singing skills, but also raps on this one, as he does on a lot of his mixtape material. He gets a lot of shit for this, but I think this is mostly because people see him as a singer, and something about him stepping outside of that label triggers outrage in some. Probably due to unresolved issues from their childhood or maybe it’s just hormonal.

Trey Songz (Over) (UPDATED WITH NO TAGS)

Next up is a new one from Murs and 9th Wonder, featuring 9thmatic (9th Wonder’s name when he’s rapping). It’s a fun song that borders on ridiculous, an ode to Asian girls that only Murs (pictured above) could pull off.

Murs & 9th Wonder ft. 9thmatic – Asian Girl

Last up is a new Band of Horses song. I’ll admit it, when I listen to Band of Horses it is “Funeral” 90 percent of the time. 9 percent of the time, it is Funeral’s sister song “Is There A Ghost?”, which is the standout from their next album. With another Band of Horses album on the way, new songs are starting to surface. “Compliments” is solid, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for at least one gigantic, epic hit that I can latch on to.

Band Of Horses – Compliments | YouSendIt