Here’s another 420 inspired joint jam. I’ve seen a lot of backlash this 4/20. People like “Yo that was cool…in middle school!” or “Why u need 1 day to celebrate. I smoke everyday anyways!” Come on guys, too cool for 4/20? Really? What’s next, no smiling in public? To be honest, I don’t smoke like I used to, but 4/20 will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Even if you don’t smoke weed, you gotta admit it’s funny to see a bunch of stoners trying to make the most of their day. It’s also fun to watch the mainstream media try to find awkward ways to tap into the stoner market (Pauly Shore marathons, tie-dye video effects, and endless references to “the munchies” like it’s some kind of inside joke that isn’t mostly used by soccer moms). I know some of you hardcore potheads, marijuana activists, and non-smokers are way beyond 4/20 celebrations, but don’t ruin the fun. There are way worse things than 4/20.

Abstract Rude wanted to share this video remix of “Nuff Fire” off his latest Rhymesayers release Rejuvenation. Just in time for 4/20 here’s “Nuff Fire”. Puff, puff, pass this around.