From Bobby’s upcoming The Adventures of Bobby Ray, here is the collaboration that had everyone scratching their heads. Out of any rapper out, Bobby Ray is the only one I can think of that could almost pull this off. Almost.

B.o.B’s fun style and willingness to take risks and write pure pop songs is appreciated. It sets him apart from the guys with chains and fitteds so large that they defy their own title. I think this one takes things too far. I still like B.o.B’s flow, and his content is always honest and on point, but the production is so clean it could be a Kelly Clarkson song from 2 years ago. And then there’s the issue of the orange haired girl from Paramore that owns the hearts of millions of slightly-but-not-so-much punk poppers that are too young to legally do anything but sit home and rebel through music.

I’m still excited to hear what Bobby’s album is going to sound like. As eclectic as he is, I have faith that there will be something for everyone to love. I guess that means there will probably be something for everyone to hate too. This is mine. Thanks to Mr. X.

B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams – Airplanes | YouSendIt