Last two I’ll put up from B.o.B’s The Adventures of Bobby Ray, out on the 27th. Order it¬†here. “Kids” is based around the melody of Vampire Weekend’s “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance”. This trend of up and coming hip-hop artists taking on indie ¬†favorites is unstoppable. Name a rapper that is coming up and somewhere along the way he stepped foot in the indie world. I’m sure it will cause a few indie fans to get disgruntled, but I think most can agree that the blending of these two worlds is fun to watch unfold.

As for “Airplanes Pt. 2”, You should already know. The minute the first version dropped with Paramore’s Hayley Williams, everyone immediately started buzzing about Part 2 with Em. Here it is. Eminem goes off.

B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams and Eminem – Airplanes Pt. 2 | YouSendIt

B.o.B ft. Janelle Monae – The Kids | YouSendIt