Part of the allure of BLK JKS is their unique roots. It’s not often that a South African band that blends styles you’ve never heard of ends up getting reviewed next to the hip new post-post-punk Brooklyn bands that make music for imaginary Urban Outfitters commercials. I was really intrigued by the band when I first heard about them. Would this have been the case if they were from Indiana and they included vowels in their band title? Probably not.

Part of the problem was that the music seemed unfocused. You could listen to ten BLK JKS songs and still not be able to grasp what you just heard or have an idea of the bands’ “identity”, as Pretty Much Amazing points out. You could say that it was unique, or that BLK JKS was an exciting new act, but listening to a song usually left a listener feeling confused and alienated. It was the kind of indie trend phenomenon that pressured many listeners into pretending to get something that they don’t, and rightfully so. (I’m not saying that some people didn’t genuinely feel the bands’ early music.) It’s a common trap, but worry no more.

“Zol!” is BLK JKS most focused song to date. It still features all the authentic influence you can handle, but it’s the kind of song that immediately grabs you and welcomes you in. I’m looking forward to hearing their new EP, out June 8th on Secretly Canadian.

BLK JKS – Zol! | YouSendIt