Here’s the new mini mixtape (7 new songs) ¬†from Chiddy Bang – thanks to sdodge for the heads up. After their first taste of success with Swelly Express, it was hard to determine the future for these guys. It was easy to see that their talent and potential could lead to a great future, but some were left with the feeling that this couldn’t be matched, and Chiddy’s big bang start was setting them up to be disappointments. Those people could not have been more wrong. If anything, Chiddy is showing steady improvement with this one. They have a good grasp on their strengths, and they’ve held onto those strengths, polished them a bit, and they’re coming back at their best. Xaphoon Jones’ production is nuts. Check out “Breakfast” below, and download the entire tape under that.

Chiddy Bang – Breakfast ft. Kate Nash | YouSendIt

Chiddy Bang – Air Swell (Mixtape)