New Cypress Hill album Rise Up is coming out, when else, 4/20. Based on what I’ve heard, I’m still trying to figure out if Rise Up‘s title was intended to have revolutionary undertones, or if it’s simply a bad play on words referencing getting high. The cover art suggests a revolution. The music, however, suggests a session.

And then there’s the release date. This clue may be a little less obvious, but after some digging, I think I’m starting to put some things together. 4/20/1889 – Adolf Hitler’s Birthday. 4/20/1999 – Columbine. The difference in time between these two events? You guessed it, 110 years. Coincidentally (yeah right), April 20th happens to be the 110th day of the year, according to the widely accepted Gregorian calendar. This is where things get interesting. 110 divided by 5, the stereotypical “work week” for Americans, is 22. 22nd letter of the alphabet? V. Roman numeral V = 5. Take the work week, add it to the 22nd letter of the alphabet, you’ve got 10. Fuck, I just lost my train of thought.

“Pass the Dutch”, although a little cluttered, is a good celebratory 4/20 song, and an Evidence/B-Real collab is always welcome. For good measure, below is a video from B-Real of Cypress Hill demonstrating his joint-rolling technique.

Cypress Hill – Pass The Dutch (ft. Evidence, Alchemist) | YouSendIt