Now, some of you might think this is just weird and taking things too far, but admit it, music videos are usually pretty boring. For every 1 really great video, there are 3,000 of bands playing their instruments or rappers gesturing in front of cars. Sometimes I wonder – after a band makes a video of nothing but themselves playing their instruments and singing their song, do they sit back, watch it, and think “Fuck yeah. People are gonna love this. You see me doing that drumming shit? Nice.” It’s senseless to me. I’d honestly rather listen to your song and watch Planet Earth on mute (if you’ve never done that, the fuck are you doing with your life?)

So here’s this video. It’s the Eric Wareheim directed video for Health‘s “We Are Water”. It’s graphic, weird, intense and bloody. I can’t pretend that I can fully understand the meaning behind it, but I felt very entertained, and I want to see it again. After watching a couple of times, I’m starting to dig the song too. If you like that you can grab it below. Saw this one at The Music Ninja.

Health – We Are Water