Rogo from It’s A Rap has been working on this for a while, and it paid off. Check out the mixtape he put together. In other mixtape news, be sure to check this out too.

Finally this is here. After the long long long awaited wait, the blog’s first mixtape is here and it is amazing. I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I first got this idea started and I tried rushing it but I really just needed to give it it’s time. I started with the idea of creating a project that not only represented the music that I love but also showed the people who listen what hip-hop music is today and where it is going. I tried to cover a wide variety of different hip-hop music and I think I got a lot of it. The project is great as a whole and thank you very much if you share this and download it.

It’s A Rap Presents: On Deck (Mixtape)


1. DOX ft. D. Julien- Coalition
2. Kardi- Rock It
3. Rowe Stussy ft. Tony Mega- 2 Door Train
4. CurT@!n$- Give You That
5. Justin Taylor- The Game
6. Illecism- Gossip
7. EarthGang- Wonderful
8. Rickie Jacobs- Wonderful
9. The Dean’s List- Last Semester
10. Clif Soulo- Summertime Love
11. DOX- Part Of The Game
12. The BackPackers ft. Patricia Salgado- Coulda Had It All
13. Isaiah Thomas- Blown Away
14. Jay Child- Check Out My Music (Prod. By Dekk)
15. brandUn DeShay- gO dEsHAY (Prod. By Dekk)
16. iSH ft. Cory Lee- Seize The Day
17. Young Scolla ft. K-Bunz- We Can Get High
18. Ivan Ibarra- Be The Stars
19. Machine Gun Kelly- The Arsonist
20- Ayomari- Denim Luggage
21- Jay Wise- Higher