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“Birthday CEO” is another one of jj’s odes to popular hip-hop/R&B. The mysterious, ghostly duo from Sweden seems to have a strange fascination for smash hits that sound nothing like the music they create. This time they take on Jeremih’s “Birthday Sex”. It’s not really a cover, because jj changes almost everything about the song except for the melody. I know what you’re thinking, “Birthday Sex on 4/20? No way.” But if you’re at all familiar with jj, you know that pretty much anything they touch, whether it be “Lollipop” or “Birthday Sex”, is completely appropriate for the day (I recommend saving it for a nightcap, as jj tends to have a serious sedative effect).

Here’s to those moments when the illusions of separation collapse and we are one, we are life. here’s to bonds stronger than blood. cin cin. – Sincerely Yours

jj – Birthday CEO

Sidenote: If anyone is interested, here‘s an article about the origins of 420. We’ve all heard the rumors, but The Huffington Post did a thorough job of tracing things back to the beginning.