First of all, happy holiday. It’s probably going to be a busy day, but before going in on posts from all the big names that will undoubtedly try to contribute/capitalize on this day, I wanted to start things off with some good homegrown. Brenton Duvall is a producer from Colorado by way of DC. As you can see from the picture he sent in above, he’s working out of his dorm room with some bootleg programs, a miniKorg, and a jar of inspiration. But, if nothing else, 4/20 is a reminder that with a little effort and enough imagination, anything is possible. Okay, maybe that’s pushing it, but this mash-up is nice.

There have been plenty of Lil Wayne remixes, and plenty of Passion Pit remixes, but everything about this song, right down to the title, fits like a slide in a bong. Lil Wayne over “Sleepyhead”? Shit, play this today at the right time, to the right people, in the right mood, and you’ll be sure to blow some minds. Head over to Brenton’s Soundcloud to hear more of his work. Note: The vocals from this are from “Don’t Trip”, the Trina song that Lil Wayne is featured on. Trina is in this mash-up too.


Lil Wayne x Passion Pit – Ambien (Sleepy Trip) (Brenton Duvall Mash-Up) | YouSendIt

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