The album art for Drakes 2nd single, “Find Your Love”, just leaked not too long ago. & what do ya’ know, here’s the actual song itself. Called “Find Your Love” & produced by Kanye West. I def agree with Rogo, this joint certainly has an 808’s & Heartbreaks feel to it. Don’t expect to hear any rapping on this one, just some smooth vocals from R&B Drizzy.

*Thank Me Later* drops June 15th!

Confusion says: Finally. From Thank Me Later, out June 15th. Featuring Kanye? Yes, if you count the production and the “hey, hey, hey” that sounds like it’s probably ‘Ye’s doing. Oh, and Drake doesn’t rap on this one. Not that he’s a bad singer, just that… hm.. my disappointment shows, doesn’t it? I should’ve finished my Loose Ends post. Still excited to hear more of this album. Drake is still one of my favorites in the mainstream. Credit to Octobers Very Own.


Drake – “Find Your Love” (Prod. by Kanye West) | YouSendIt