Basically, this entire track was Vick’s idea. He thought it would be dope for K. Sparks & myself to get on a track together. So he reached out to us & when we agreed he immediately reached out to Numonics for the production. A few days later, “Good Mornin” was made. The next day, Numonics whipped up a remix for the track while under the influence. Both the original & the remix are down below. Check it out ya’ll!!!

It all started with a dream…I had been talking shit with Anthony about how dope it would be to get K. Sparks & Frank Ramz on the same track for a month. Finally it was time to turn my words into action. The two agreed, so I hit up Numonics for a beat…he delivered. This is what you get when three talented people work together. As a bonus track Numonics has already remixed the track.

Vick @ ReUp!


K. Sparks & Frank Ramz – “Good Mornin” | Mediafire

K. Sparks & Frank Ramz – “Good Mornin” (Remix) | Mediafire