This isn’t your typical M.I.A. track. It’s a fast paced, punk influenced song in which M.I.A. proclaims “I have something to say”. I’m not sure that I’m getting her message, because the vocals are slightly distorted, she’s kind of mumbling, and the construction workers on my roof decided Friday morning was a good time to start playing with their drill-dos. I am pretty sure she says something about having an interview tomorrow, keeping her nose to the ground, and throwing shit in your face when she sees you.

Whatever the message is, this song is pretty bad ass, although I’m not sure if M.I.A. fans are going to be happy with her random change in direction. In my opinion, every artist is entitled to at least one random punk rock outburst, and I think M.I.A. pulls it off.

In anticipation of a legal threat, I’ve decided to stream only. Thanks to P4K for the stream. Look what else I did up there instead of a boring, still image. One that wiggles and looks 3D! Took me a while to figure out how to make that shit happen, but thanks to TLC for providing the wiggle pic.

If you’re interested, Matt C has directed us to a page where you can download it.