Here’s a new video from one of my new loves, Lay Low. Don’t let the “country” label scare you away. I hate 90% of country music that I hear (especially new country), but I can’t get enough of Lay Low. Her recent release Farewell Good Night’s Sleep has been in heavy rotation lately, especially since I am still getting over a break up and feeling too sensitive for the usual playlists of exclusively “I-fuck-bitches, I-get-money” bangers.

Lay Low, the Icelandic country singer/songwriter, has brought her “lovely, twangy tales of heartbreak and lonely nights” (Paste Magazine) to the big screen.

The Icelandic star (born Lovisa Elisabet Sigrunardottir) has written the score for ‘King’s Road,’ a comedy-drama about a prodigal son who returns to an Icelandic “trailer trash” family after three years abroad.